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Thank you so much for assisting me in launching my new book, Never Get a “Real” Job. I sincerely appreciate all of your help! For your convenience, I have put together the following list that contains all of the relevant information and links that pertain to my mission and the book:

Key points:

  • The book launches everywhere books are sold on December 7, 2010
  • My mission is to help young people overcome the devastating epidemics of youth unemployment and underemployment (which affect over 100 million millenials worldwide) by teaching them how to build successful businesses that are capable of generating real revenue.
  • I am one of most highly syndicated columnists on young entrepreneurship in the world (Inc., Entrepreneur, WSJ, Open Forum, Business Insider, Mashable and many others) and I’ve been called one of the “nation’s leading experts on young entrepreneurship”
  • I am known in the young entrepreneur community as the “Simon Cowell of young entrepreneurship” because I tell Millenials like it really is — from my perspective as a fellow Gen Yer who has experienced failures and lives and breathes in the entrepreneurial trenches everyday.

Here are a few links to key information about the book:

Here are links to some videos:

Here are links to my personal information:

Here are links to my book on bookseller sites:

Thank You!

I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance and thanks again for all of your help and support. Please let me know if you need any other collateral or information and I’ll get it to you right away.

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Scott Gerber is Founder and CEO of CommunityCo and founder of YEC and Forbes Councils. He is an industry leader in building and managing personalized, invitation-only communities for world-class executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. Scott is an expert on youth entrepreneurship, community building, youth unemployment in America, recent college grad unemployment and small business.

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